Grupo Marjal

Grupo Marjal was born in 1979. In the beginning, the company focused its efforts on projects related to the real estate sector and construction, but over time the scope of this company diversified and broadened into other markets. Since then, Grupo Marjal created other companies in the service market. However, during this evolution the business group did not abandon its activity in the construction sector, so that continued to consolidate its influence in the area, as it started to introduce itself into other business segments. So far, Grupo Marjal has successfully developed several major projects and major infrastructures in order to lay the foundations for steady growth. The experience of this corporation and the professionalism of its employees and managers have turned this company into a strong and stable organization that can compete at the highest level within the various sectors in which it operates. The progress of the company in recent years has resulted in doing business internationally in countries such as Holland, England, Poland, Belgium, Russia, Sweden and Norway, among others.

City: Guardamar del Segura


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