12/16.09 ELDA FALLAS

The town of Elda will be enjoying their Fallas from the 12th to the 16th of September 2018. The elaborate hand -made statues will be placed in the streets (‘plantá’) from midnight on Wednesday 13th of September and burned, in an act known as the ‘cremá’ just three days later!
Wednesday 12th September
Time: 22:00 Opening Speeches from the balcony of the Ayuntamiento followed by the Planta (placing) of the Official Falla
Place: Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Elda
Thursday 13th September
Time: 00:00 Plantá (placing) of the fallas in the streets.
Friday 14th September
Time: 10:00 Judges will visit each falla.
Time: 20:00 Prize giving ceremony for the winning falla
Place: Ayuntamiento.
Time: 21:00 Ninot Parade
Place: C/Colón, Nueva, Ortega y Gasset, Jardines, Juan Carlos I, Plaza Castelar, Elda.
Saturday 15th September
Time: 20:45 Flower Offering Parade
Place: Plaza Castelar along Juan Carlos I, Dahellos, Ortega y Gasset, Nueva, Colón ending at the Iglesia de Santa Ana for the flower offering.
Sunday 16th September
Time: 13:30 Mascleta
Place: Plaza Castelar.
Time: 19:30 Solemn Procession in honour of the patron saints; San Crispín and San Crispiniano
Place: C/ Pablo Picasso, Juan Carlos I, Antonino Vera, Don Quijote to the Iglesia de la Inmaculada. Time: 23:00 Cremá (burning) of the Official Falla
Place: Plaza del Ayuntamiento
Time: 23:30 Cremá (burning) of the Fallas in the Barrios (suburbs)
Time: 00:00 Cremá (burning) of the Children’s Fallas Time: 01:00 Cremá (burning) of the Falla which was awarded 1st prize.



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